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The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said

So, now that I've provided icons for those not fortunate enough to have their own, are we going to do something with this community? Perhaps decide what it's for, set up a screening process, and so forth?

Or shall I just continue to use it for my own amusement?
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1. Let Tim The Tiki God join your group, because he is, despite the bloody stupid screen-name, in fact a cool, cool guy. For realz, yo. And he has something that Neil signed.

2. Proceed with operation "Dangeris Toast", as soon as it's creator figures out what the hell operation "Dangeris Toast" is, and why dangerous isn't spelled correctly.
After much deliberation ("You want to let Tim in?" "Sure, he drew a cool picture." "Okay."), we have reached a two-thirds majority and decided to accept you into the group. Welcome to your new Elite status!
YAY! *does a little dance* ... Now what?
Do we look organized to you? Now, you do whatever you want. You're elite; you don't have to take orders from anybody. Well, except the moderators, and we don't have any orders to give right now.

I think we'd all love to see any more pictures you happened to have around, should such things happen to exist.
Well, there is this page: http://timthetikigod.deviantart.com/, if you want to see more pictures. It hasn't been updated in a short while, mostly do to the computer that all of my art is on being screwy the past few days. The stuff on the page now isn't that good over all. I'll start putting up some better things ( I.E. "Not random shite I slapped together in Flash") in the morning
-cough- Reasons I am Cool Enough To Be Included (I hope):

·The Icon(s) (Scanned, cut, fitted, iconed)
·I love Neil Gaiman (Bam!)
·...Okay, I'm not really that cool